Monday, April 9, 2018

Trinity at 1871 Podcast

In the spring of 2018 Trinity Christian College joined 1871 as a university partner. 1871 is a highly-rated technology and business incubator within the city of Chicago. The potential connections for our business department may be clear in this partnership. But what about the other parts of a campus focused on the liberal arts?

Sara Baillie and Kara Wolff, faculty members in Education and Psychology respectively, recruited students to join us in exploring the possibilities for our disciplines at 1871. Two graduate students in Counseling Psychology, Garsca Brooks and Jeanine Bakker, agreed to investigate the space and think some about how a business incubator might interact with people-focused academic areas.

Out of our conversations and visits to 1871 the idea for a podcast emerged. 1871 has a well-equipped podcast studio for use by members. The students were intrigued by the possibility of sharing with the TCC community more about their work in a previous course focused on multicultural counseling.

What emerged are a series of three conversations. The first episode centers on how the brain processes novel ideas. This leads to some discussion of what human beings do when confronting issues of difference. The second episode interviews a guest, Christine Scholma, about what it is like to live with health challenges that others might not be able to see. The third and final episode centers on thinking through the ways in which intersecting identities are explored and addressed in daily life. In this conversation Garsca Brooks, a graduate student in counseling psychology, shares her life experiences to illustrate some of the ways in which marginalized and privileged identities interface in her lived experience.

We look forward to you joining the conversation through these podcasts! After you listen please feel free to leave a comment on this post with questions or comments. We look forward to the conversation!

Trinity at 1871 Podcast (click the links to listen)

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Part 3:

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