About Us

Psychology and Christianity have historically been difficult to reconcile in the academic arena. Their relationship has often been marked by conflict, strife and defensiveness. However, despite this history there have also been psychologists who identify with the Christian faith seeking to understand and explore the discipline from a variety of viewpoints.

This blog is an attempt to cultivate such an exploration. We draw inspiration from both our psychological expertise and our worldviews that are deeply rooted in the Christian faith. In particular we operate from a Reformed Christian perspective which seeks to examine the ways in which our belief in God's redeeming power over all creation interacts with the discipline of psychology.

There are several points that guide our discussions and decisions in the writing of this blog:

First, we draw inspiration from Cornelius Plantinga who wrote in describing the importance of education that, "Learning is a spiritual calling, properly done it attaches us to God" (Plantinga, 2002). As members of the psychology department at Trinity Christian College we are committed to the pursuit of knowledge and it's appropriate application within the wider world. Writings in this space will seek to advance our understanding of psychological topics.

Second, we hope to cultivate a spirit of community or Koinonia. Ideally, this space could serve as opportunity for psychologists to discuss and debate the intersections between psychology and Christianity. While we hope to enjoy this type of lively discussion we also hold to the principles of a respectful and hospitable community. To this end the moderators reserve the right to delete comments that are deemed inappropriate.

Third, we seek to engage our students in their own professional development. This includes regular topics aimed at increasing student involvement as well as opportunities for students to be guest contributors. We hope that engaging our students through regular participation will increase their understanding of psychology within a Reformed worldview.

We hope that you will join us in our endeavor and look forward to hearing your comments!

The Editors, Dr Jessica Clevering and Dr Kara Wolff